BizFAX FAX Server for Enterprise

Red Apple Solutions

BizFAX Client is a virtual fax extension that works with BizFAX Server. Not only receive fax automatically and save it as electronic file, but also make outbound call manually and automatically to send a fax.

BizFAX contains a BizFAX Printer module and a BizFAX Editor module. BizFAX Printer can easily convert documents as doc, xls or pdf to tiff format; BizFAX Editor helps user to dramatically improve the efficiency in doing office works like make annotations, signature and stamp on a document.

BizFAX family consist of 2 models that are E100, E200. BizFAX can easily meet the unique requirements of different sizes of companies.

According to the survey of existing BizFAX Standalone Fax Server users, and compared with the traditional fax-machine, it can save 98% of the paper consumed by faxes. No need to worry about the invasion of useless advertisements. It is a one-time but affordable investment which helps realizing the relaxed, convenient, clean and efficient official working environment from then on.