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Intimate Call Manager is a call center system software for a customer service platform that helps businesses handle incoming calls in an efficient manner.

The best call center system provides queues for routing calls and reports for managers to track agent performance in real time. With the right data, managers can estimate caller demand, staff appropriately and improve phone response times to ultimately create a better customer experience.  


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As the development of economic and the improved living standards, quality of service, large-scale of customers and customization has become an important means of market competition. Call Manager therefore became the main source of realization of services, customers and customization, its position in the business service sector became more and more important. However, the development cost and investments in large and medium sized call center with more than 50 users are high, making SMEs unable to afford. These SMEs usually engaged in intense market competition industries, and the market changes rapidly, which promotes the strong demands of small-scale, low cost and multi-functional call center system for the SMEs.

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The Advantages of Call Center Software for Businesses

Manage incoming calls with ease

At first, a single receptionist might have been enough. But as your business grows, you will need a team to handle the phones. A professional call center management system makes setting up your call flows and managing your queues much simpler than ever before.

Keep track of your team

Call center software monitors every aspect of your call flow, such as customers in queue, average speed to answer and average talk time. These metrics are presented with up-to-the-second accuracy so managers can quickly resolve issues that come up.

Enhance customer experiences

Your phone support has a huge impact on user satisfaction. Rather than leave customers on the line endlessly, call center software can provide interactive prompts and business information upfront and then effectively route each call to an available agent.

Easy to manage

Give supervisors the freedom of doing business their way without the hefty price tag.

Dashboards – Improve interactions on-the-fly with real-time queue and agent dashboards.

Unified Collaboration – Collaborate quickly with coworkers via phone, meetings, chat, or text.

CRM – Better interactions and automated workflows with powerful CRM system and more. 

Users Needs Analysis

1) Low cost to establish call management system, enhance service quality.

2) Easy to manage and custom settings of IVR (Interactive Voice Response), the flow of inbound calls is controlled by the users, with clear voice and easy to operate navigation menus.

3) Have certain incoming calls management capabilities, enable priority answering of users’ incoming calls settings, with flexible calls with follow-me function, call transfer and management functions.

4) Supports software telephone or hardware using headsets telephone terminals, to convenient the customer service personnel to do records and operations. 

5) With call recording, call log statistics and other functions, to facilitate backup, report and search.

Call Center Management Solution

Intimate Call Manager provides a comprehensive call center functions and is a call center middleware, which integrates MyPBX capabilities

through the Web Application platforms such as Firefox or Google Chrome allows customer service into the line on a computer screen view

messages, screen-based call management provides a user-friendly interactive interface.

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With the ability to accommodate Call Center and incoming call distribution requirements, inbound or outbound call and the relevant

information in the IVR system, recording system, shared between Call Manager and PBX. The telephone system and the computer system

information and business information data sharing and analysis. 

1. Greeting Tips

When received calls, the system will appear the company name users should greet in, in the pop-up notification window.

2. Client Records

The system supports quick relate of the unknown phone number to an account once the system received a call.

Users could save the number to the client records.

3. Play Call Screen

The system will have a notification pop-up window which shows the caller information once the phone rang.

4. Incoming Lines Playing Screen

The system will have notifications telling users the incoming lines information.

5. Call Monitoring

Managers could monitor the team members’ performances during phone calls with clients, could better evaluate

team members performances.

6. Call Statistics

Users could see all inbound and outbound call reports and statistics in the system, have better understanding which

team member made the most calls and who called the least.

7. Intelligent Routing

The system could identify the caller and direct them to an appropriate agent, based on known information tied to the

caller or information provided by the caller during the call. 

8. Screen Pops Groups

As different client is handled by different team members, when calls handled by specific team members came in, the

notification screen will pop-up only to those team members, showing information of the client. 

9. Recording Management

The system could record phone calls and voice mail, users could listen the records easily with one click of button,

and manage the recordings effectively. 

10. Information Sharing

When calls came in, looking for specific team members, but they are on meeting, day off, etc., users could mark down in 

the pop-up window, letting all users to share this information. Users could also mark down clients’ notes for team members. 

11. Telephone Records

The system allows you to check the user call log, you can check all your call history through the web-based system

at any time. You can also listen to the voice record playback by a simple click. The system also records the call in

clients’ information, to which extension, the call in time, date and call length.

12. Voice Call Back

Users could call an extension outside Hong Kong, in order for that extension to call back, so users could use that number to

call clients in the same geographical area, outside Hong Kong, to reduce expensive call expenses. 

13. Push-button Dialing

As call manager has integrated with the PBX IP Phone solution, you can call your client by simply click of a button.

Intimate Call Manager offers a centralized computer platform, which allows agents to review caller information from the screen and customize service delivery.

Queue Board V3 Red Apple Solutions

Intimate Queue Board

Intimate Queue Board is a board that uses in call centers to enhance call performances, it is also user-friendly. Showing per queue groups’

real-time information, including calls in queue, answered calls, abandoned calls, average hold time, average talk time, agents on call, agent

availability, lost call sum, call waiting and the time each agents talked per call, for the call center agents and managers, so they could 

analyze the time they should use per call. 

When there are too many calls in queues, hold calls and abandoned calls, managers could use these real-time information to increase

productivity of all agents, and improve the phone call answering situation, procedure and enhance customer interactions. To avoid the

risk of losing business and customers to your competitors, and maintain business positive reputation and image.

Integrations with PBX – Solutions Introduction

Series of MyPBX IP PBX Phone phone system, made telecommunication lines and VoIP networks integrates perfectly, reduce business communication cost significantly; uses advanced voice processing technology, to provide users with high qualities. MyPBX’s embedded operating systems, made management and maintenance simple and convenient, not only to ensure reliable operations of the telephone network, but also the extension can be extended easily and migrate flexibly. MyPBX also has a strong compatibility, which is able to have hybrid network with a variety of traditional PBX, protecting users’ investment. 

Functionally, MyPBX possess functions of traditional corporate phone, and has built-in call center, with call recording, cost calculation of calls, conference calls and other value-added features. It is able to ingratiate out Intimate CRM / Call Manager, support telephone logs, client management, inbound / outbound call pop up screen, caller ID display with welcome message, company name and leave message etc. 

Systems Infrastructure

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1) Server Room 

  •Deployment of a MyPBX

2) Phone Users

  •Deploy software phone or IP phone, and register to MyPBX 


1) Low establish cost, a MyPBX is able to meet users’ needs of creating their own call centers, and also able to have

    conference calls, cost calculations of calls and other practical function.

2) Users can set the incoming calls system, balanced distribution of calls, the system can track the seats or agents status

     in real-time, and produce an effective agent queues, use of permutation algorithm, to connect calls to the most appropriate agent.

3) When all customer service hotlines are busy, the system can play wait music that fits with the corporate’s personality, and

    regularly reminds the caller the numbers of wait.

4) Flexible join queue function, except for fixed telephone users, the system allows other users to call other system feature codes,

    able to temporarily join or leave the call queue.

5) MyPBX call manager also has voice mail, call recordings and call records etc., able to improve call center’s efficiencies and service


Queue Board

Some businesses may not know how to manage their calls and don’t know what can be done to improve the management in call centers,as calls are always missed, but no one knows how many are missed, leading to customers dissatisfaction. The whole working atmosphere is not healthy. To completely change this situation and improve your call center business to another level, Queue Board would be your best partner.

Queue Board is a board that uses in call centers to enhance call performances, it is also user-friendly. Showing per queue groups’  real-time information, including calls in queue, answered calls, abandoned calls, average hold time, average talk time, agents on call,  agent availability, lost call sum, call waiting and the time each agents talked per call, for the call center agents and managers, so they could analyze the time they should use per call. 

When there are too many calls in queues, hold calls and abandoned calls, managers could use these real-time information to increase productivity of all agents, and improve the phone call answering situation, procedure and enhance customer interactions. To avoid the risk of losing business and customers to your competitors, and maintain business positive reputation and image.

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BenefitsIncrease Productivity 

With the queue board real-time statistical data, managers and all agents will have a clear understanding of the current calls situationand each agents’ performances, which will increase their productivity. As all the details of the calls they received is recorded and shownto managers, managers could easily monitor and manage performances and see which agent has the higher or lower performances.     

 Improves Customer Service 

To display all the call performances and real-time statistical data in the queue board, this will further increases motivation for all agents,leading to greater productivity. Customer would therefore no longer have to queue for a long period, leading to better customer services,and creating more satisfied customers.  

Improves Staff Efficiency 

Queue board allows agents to see when are answered calls too long and should go to the next call. This is especially useful during peakhours, so agents could use the shortest time to serve customer with the best service. Managers could base on the statistical data to seeif the current agents matches the peak call volumes.   

Real-time Information for Managers and Supervisors to Monitor and Address Call Traffic Quickly 

Managers and supervisors with the queue board real-time information allows them to monitor the whole team easily, and try to makethe intense environment less intense during peak hours. With these statistical numbers, managers can make rapid decisions on how toaddress the call traffic problem easily and accurately.  

Reduces Abandoned Calls 

Before companies without queue boards, they may not know how many abandoned calls they have, but when they have queue boarddisplaying whether the time the customers is on hold or in queue has exceeded a set level, managers could think of ways to avoidabandoned calls, like keep customers informed by IVR or offer them a call-back solution, this could retain the unhappy customers.   

Reduces Cost

 As call centers could be managed more easily with the queue boards’ real-time statistical data, therefore less managers are neededleading to cost reduction. Also managers would have more time to focus on managerial decisions for company’s future, reducing thecost in time.   

Increase Sales

With the real-time information to see how long the customers have waited and how many abandoned calls there is. Managers coulduse this information to better improve the phone answering situation during peak hours, so wait time and abandoned calls will decrease,more happy customers created, which leads to more sales and revenue.   

Queue Board V3 Red Apple Solutions
On CallYou are ready to pick up calls if someone is in the queue.
On BreakYou are not sitting in front of your phone (maybe go out for lunch or toilet).
OfflineYou will not be picking up any calls (leaving your office).
break online status Red Apple Solutions

FunctionsQueue Group Status

The queue board will show per queue groups’ real-time information, so agents and managers will have clear understandings of the currentcall situation, for better management.   


Agents could easily change their status to online or break. If agents turned their status to break, calls would not be transferred to theirextensions until status turned back to online. This ensures all agents is prepared and ready when they pick up customers’ calls, guaranteeexcellent customer service.

Calls In Queue

Calls in queue shows call center agents how many customers are in the queue. When all agents are busy on phone, no one can pick up the rest of the calls, so these calls will be routed to the queue list, waiting for agents to pick up when they finished their current call.  Agents can also answer calls by prioritized value. Real-time statistics allow agents to make intelligent decisions when answering calls fromthe queue, enabling a quick response to your most valued customers.


Answered calls tells call center agents that how many customers have been answered. When the calls are answered by the agents, the queueboard will increase the number of answered calls automatically, providing real-time information. Managers could use this data to forecastthe sales rate, agents’ productivity and performance, as managers could see how many calls per agents answered. 


Abandoned calls shows how many customers have hung up. Usually when customers are in queue and waited for too long, they willchoose to hang up, and a dissatisfied customer is created. Managers and call center agents should try their best to minimize the numberof abandoned calls.

Average Hold Time

Average hold time is the average time taken for an agent to answer a call or the time a customer waits in the queue before being answered.Call agents and managers could base on this real-time information to reduce the handling time per call, to minimize the waiting time ofcustomers. 

Average Talk Time

Average talk time is the average amount of time the agent spends communication with the customer. Agents should base on what thecustomer need, and decide the talk length, whether the call should end quickly or not. Managers could also supervise agents when theyare talking on the phone for too long. 

Agents On Call

Agents on call shows how many agents are currently on phone with customers. If the call center has 80 agents, and 75 agents is on call,meaning that there are 5 agents left, so there should be no customers on hold. How long has each agents been on call for, and have theytaken any call today is also showed in the queue board. Managers could easily use this information to control the whole call center’sworking atmosphere.  

Agents Available

Agent available shows how many agents are currently available to answer customers’ calls, which means these agents are not on phone atthat moment.  The real-time information of agents on call and agent available is often use together. Using the previous example in agents on call, that 5out of 80 agent is available, when agents know this information, they could handle the calls more relax, but if all agents are on phone, andthere are many calls on hold, agents may need to try to speed up their conversation and end the call.  Agents available also shows details of the last call take and how many calls each agents had today. Managers could use this information todo resource allocation. If too many agents are available, agents may be oversupplied.   

Lost Call Sum

Lost call sum shows the percentage of how many calls a queue group has lost. It is a reminder for all agents to speed up their phoneconversation with current clients when the lost call sum percentage is growing higher and higher. To avoid having more and moredissatisfied customers. If the lost call sum percentage exceeds 50%, managers must have a good review on agents’ productivity andconsider training and hiring.  

Call Waiting

Queue Board shows real-time call waiting information, which allows agents and managers to see how long the customer has waitedfor agents to pick up their call. Customers call in priorities could also be seen. If the customer is in position 1, he or she is the firstone in the list of calls waiting, which means he or she has waited the longest.  Managers should set a limit of waiting time, if the customer is close to the limit, agents should try to answer the customers as quicklyas they can, to avoid the queues being too long, and too many unhappy customers caused. Allowing managers to manage the whole callcenter flexibly.  


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Cold calling is one of the most popular sales and marketing promotions, it enables company to reach their customers and have direct contacts with them.

Auto-dialing is a function designed for cold calling, it allows you to make cold calls to your targeted population and conduct random cold calling under specific dial pattern. 

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Dial list Management

You can import dial lists to the system and sort the dial lists. Besides, you can also create a dial list from your current account lists to conduct follow-up sales.

Auto dialing

You can select your targeted dial lists and the system will dial to the numbers on the list, only the answered calls will be transferred to the agents.

Random cold call

You can enter a dial pattern, and the system will conduct the random cold call following the dial pattern. The answered calls will be transferred to the agents.  

Dial direction

You can either choose “dialing before the agent standing by” or “dialing after the agent standing by”. Only the calls answered by clients will be transferred to the agents, it can reduce the redundant steps for agents to conduct cold calling and enhance the efficiency of cold calling.

Failure retry

If the call is unanswered, the system will re-dial the number for you if you required.

Save unanswered call list

The unanswered calls can be saved for future campaigns or follow up actions.

Dial prefix

You can set the dial prefix for cold calling, the number will be dialed with the prefix.

Campaign report

The system will generate a report for every finished campaign which specifies the result summary and allows you to export dial lists from the campaign report to follow up the potential prospects.  

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Computerized dialing

The agents no long need to dial in person, only the answered calls will be distributed to the agents, so the agents don’t have to wait for the calls being answered.

Manage potential prospects

The system allows you to save the contact of answered calls or unanswered calls, which enables you to manage your potential prospects and follow up the sales.  

Market Targeting

The system allows you to import your dial lists and customize your campaign with different dial lists to achieve market targeting, you can target any groups of people to conduct cold calling. Besides, the system allows you to sort the accounts for cold calling, it can facilitate the market segmentation and market targeting.

Manage promotion campaigns

The system provides you campaign report to evaluate the campaigns, you can evaluate the performance of agents and the call efficiency, so as to pave the way for the development of future marketing plans.

Campaign Evaluation

The system enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of every campaign, which allows you to know the feasibility of marketing plan and the availability of dial lists.

Marketing efficiency

The system enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing promotion by facilitating the process of cold calling.

Intelligent Call Routing

Call routing and transferring are the tasks that staffs frequently do in office; even though it is a time wasting, trivial work, it is still inevitable for staffs to spend their time on it. However, intelligent routing enables you to automate the process of call routing, which allows you to have an effective telecommunication network to construct an efficient working ambiance. Therefore, your employees can no longer waste their time on call routing and concentrate on their works.


Ratio Call Distribution

In some direct sales companies, the opportunity to answer new incoming calls is a key to account prospecting; therefore, balancing the distribution of new incoming calls received by employees is critical to the maintenance of the equal opportunity of account prospecting. To tackle this problem, Call Manager allows you to set a ratio for the distribution of new incoming calls, which enables you to equally or partially distribute the new incoming calls. As a result, you will be able to manage the account prospecting of your company.

Smart Receptionist

Receptionist in a company always have to answer the inbound calls and transfer it to different staffs. Intelligent routing provides you a smart receptionist to simplify this process. You can set the person in charge for different clients in the system, and the system will automatically direct the inbound calls from the client to the person in charge. It allows you to facilitate the operation and save the cost for call reception.

Contact Legacy

Call Manager allows you to manage the contact legacy from your terminated employees and refer their accounts to other employees. As a result, the inbound calls from the clients of the terminated employees will be routed to the new employees in charge.

Client Referral

You can refer your account to other users in the system. The inbound calls from the referred account will automatically direct to the new employee in charge.

Process Map

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One-Click Dialer

auto dialer click to dial Red Apple Solutions
Auto dial orderWhen you switched to auto dial mode, you can let the dialer to know how to process the list.
After call work timeBreak time for jotting down notes before the next call begin
Failure retryIf the call cannot be dialed, number of attempt to retry.
Dialing PrefixIf the list are all through IDD, you can state the IDD prefix here.
Transfer to Ext. / QueueThe destination to either extension or queue.

After that, you can select the telephone number list and add to the campaign.

auto dialer add to dial list Red Apple Solutions

Finally, you can start the click to call dialer.

auto dialer click to dial panel hidden Red Apple Solutions

You can click the number to dial, you can see the real-time progress of the call. If you want to dial automatically, you can click the “Auto” button.

SuccessThe call is answered and completed.
Missed CallThe call cannot be reached or dropped into voicemail.
In ProgressThe current call.
PendingThe call in the list but not dialed.

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