eSRS - Shop Rental System

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eSRS Shop Rental System is a comprehensive and a powerful system, with many services.

Features of a complete Library Management Systems:

Systems Functions

  • Borrow and Return Management (VCD, DVD, Books, Handbags, Wedding Products etc.)
  • Resources Management(On-shelf/Reserved/Borrowed/Revoked,etc.) 
  • Customers/Members Management
  • Barcodes Printing (Call number/ISBN/Customization)
  • Reports (the cumulative numbers of borrows, the number of times borrowed within ninety days, and this year’s borrowing times, etc.)  
  • Customers/Members Reservations and Renewal
  • Customers/Members cards printing
  • Borrow Records and Products Search
  • Able to track overdue items anytime
  • Customers/Members Penalty Records

Online Functions

  • Online Reservations and Renewal
  • Online Notices and Calendar
  • Online Reserved Waiting Time Display
  • Online Search of Resources Information
  • Online Popularity Analysis
  • Online Penalty Records
  • Online Readers Borrow and Return Records
  • Online Cancel Reservations
  • Email Notifications of Borrow and Return 
  • Email Notifications of Early Returns of Resources
  • Email Notifications of Late Returns
  • Readers Login System
  • Readers Favourite Reserved Waiting List