eSCS - Shopping Cart System

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Online Store

Establishment of your own online store, requires great involvement, like must understand the network technologies. When the business is running, the promotion cost is also high. Our online shopping system provides you a monthly fee and a simple design costs, allowing your company’s products to be seen online, for people to browse and shop.

Function’s Benefits
Product Management and Upload
Products Classification
Products Priority Settings
Popularity Records
Disable/Enable Function
Display of popular products
Display of priority products
Display of latest products
Automatic Pictures Drawing 
Linkage with Related Products     
Upload. Flv Video Streaming 

Customers Management 
Customers Membership Registration

Customers Information Records
Customers Login Records
Customers Purchase Record
Customers Webpage’s Authority Control
Easy Website Management for Opening a New Page
Flow Calculator                             
Support Google Web Analytics
Add Google  Map Page
Add YouTube Video Player Webpage

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Customers can insert their product advertisement in the web design, insert YouTube videos, Google Map, sharing links, and also design different authorities. Customers need to login to see the contents, such as product prices, etc..

Easy to Update

One-stop production platform, no need to have network knowledge and experiences.

Users do not need to have any knowledge of HTML, it’s like modifying a document with the MS-Word file.

Users just simply need a browser (IE or Firefox) to update their website’s information. 

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Which e-commerce services should be chosen to help improve business?

Internet entrepreneurs or business executives place their products on the Internet as a way to expand sales channel and increase revenue.
Our professional e-commerce consultants understand your needs and through detail analysis, we provide a comprehensive report to our clients as a detail reference in helping them to choose the best service and solution.

Do you have the following concerns?

Increase Revenue through Sales & Promotion

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No one knows your customers’ wants, why not taking the initiative to offer them what they want? Effective marketing techniques attract customers in buying your products, such as special discounts, exclusive product launches, promotion of related products and e-mail-marketing.

* Red Apple Solutions eDMS Email-marketing system sends messages regularly to target customers. It receives immediate results of the email-marketing conducted and provides analysis reports. Accordingly, clients can make the best business decisions by mastering and making use of these accurate and useful information.

Simple Payment and Order Processing

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Whether it is commercial banking accounts, credit cards, local bank transfer or Paypal account, we offer you the most effective and suitable payment options that meet your needs. Simply log in to the system’s management interface, you can easily manage your purchase orders and financial works effectively and conveniently. In addition, we provide a secure online shopping system that ensures your customers enjoy a safe and assuring online shopping experience.

Multi-function Online Products Catalog

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The system allows you to easily manage up to 100,000 products or more. With multi-levels categorizing directory and user-friendly product management, you can assure your customers a pleasant shopping experience.

Self-management of Website Contents and Layout

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By using the editing software we provided, clients can easily add or customize their website contents according to their business needs on their own without the use of third-party     software.

Detailed Sales Reports and Statistical Analysis 

Which product is your customer’s favorite? 
How many customers shop at your site daily? 
Does your customers visit your website to know more when new products are launched?

Detail statistics and reports help you to make the best business decisions.

Preparation for Internet Marketing 

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Our electronic promotion services, including email-marketing system and more, can increase page view of your website to improve sales and create sales opportunities.

Red Apple Solutions possesses years of experience in e-commerce solutions to help your business in developing its online sales market easily, effectively and efficiently.