ePAMS - Property Agent Management System

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Introduction of system

Property Agent Management requires a comprehensive data management process which is unfulfillable by the traditional methods, including the storage of the information of real estate, the area of apartment, the selling price and the information of customers. Under the strict regulation for the property management and consultancy industry, property agents in Hong Kong are required to indicate the net floor area and provide accurate information to the customers, which undoubtedly increased their need for data storage. Before the invention of Property Agent Management System, there is no system that can solve this problem, property agents in the past tended to adopt Microsoft Excel to record all the data. However, Microsoft Excel could not provide a full protection to the data and the tracking of data usage history; therefore, Microsoft Excel is not the best system for property agent to manage their data.

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Using Microsoft Excel to manage the data is not the most effective and efficient method. Since the computers in most of the Property agency companies are not mutually connected, the Excel file updated in one’s computer will not make any changes in the other computers. Therefore, the updates of every Excel file are not consistent, which will increase the risk of data confusion and chaos. Some companies may use a synchronization system to allow all the agents to open the synchronized Excel file on their computers, but it does not allow agents to update the files simultaneously, which will lead to a low operational efficiency. In addition, most of the property agency companies are not able to make a backup of data when the computer is broken down, agents may lose their valuable data which brings them a great inconvenience. Moreover, Microsoft Excel is not a Network Operation System, the information cannot be transferred immediately through the online network to achieve the operational excellence, when agents want to share the data to another branch, they have to make a copy of data and send it through a time wasting procedure.

Traditional system currently used by most of the agency does not support multi-user and synchronization, complicated calculations like commission proportioning, salaries estimation and vacation days counting have become a challenge for Property Agency Company. However, Essential Property Management System provides you a great solution to not only tackle this problem, but also minimize your risk of losing data. Essential Property Management System is customized for every Property Agency Company to manage their data and information, it paves the way for their effective business management, betters the data and information searching process, assists agents in ensuring data accuracy and enhances agent’s professionalism and competitiveness.

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Essential Property Management System is designed for managing an enormous variety of property data and information, such as the names of real estate, the types of apartment, the areas of apartment, the addresses, the property status, the landscapes, the agent in charge, and the information of owner and customer.

The data will be stored in the database, so the agents can retrieve it at any time. Apart from the data storage, this system can also assist in recording transactions, proportioning commission and managing salaries and vacation days, so as to facilitate the daily operation and maximize the productivity.

In order to help the agents to overcome the complication of calculating commission, Essential Property Management System covered the functions of commission proportioning and salaries computing. Through the commission recording function, the distribution of commission will be transparent in the system and the ratio of commission proportioning can be preseted. After entering the commission, the system will compute the total amount of commission automatically, it can save the time of manual calculation, avoid making mistakes, save the labor cost and enhance the efficiency.

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Traditional agents have to print out the property list and information when they are servicing their clients.



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Agents just have to use their tablet to retrieve the information after computerization, no more need for printing.



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Essential Property Agent Management System allows agents to take the pictures of apartments and upload it to the system through tablet or mobile, it provides agents a shortcut for the photos taking and uploading.





**Supports Windows, MacOS, IPAD, Android.

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  • Property Add and modification 
  • Property management and search
  • Property Transaction Records
  • Estates Add and modification 
  • Calendar synchronization and settings
  • Commission Records
  • Salaries and Leave Management
  • Annual reports
  • Information Printing
  • Branches add and modification
  • Staff add and modification
  • Staff authority settings
  • System Management Settings
  • Commission rules settings
  • Law firm settings
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  • Enhancing the professionalism and competitiveness of agents to increase sales.
  • Easy to use and no special computer skills required.
  • Detailed property information, transaction and payment method can be entered for future inquiries.
  • Strengthening data confidentiality, requiring users to login with password, greatly reducing the possibility of leaking out the data.
  • Different levels of authority setting for employees to manage the data.
  • Quick search for client’s past records, providing customers the latest and the most suitable property, and avoiding fraud.
  • Online system function helps users to search for necessary information anytime and anywhere, bringing convenience and time-saving effect.
  • Using online browser as the platform, does not require any additional equipment or IT staff for management.
  • Allowing all the employees to have simultaneous information sharing to achieve synergy effect for better cooperation.
  • Sync with Google Calendar, fostering the communication and understanding between employees, so as to promote a harmonious working ambiance.
  • To avoid making calculation mistakes and save the labor cost, the system provides you an accurate commission computing system.