PayPal Gateway

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Essential System – PayPal Gateway 

PayPal is an worldwide leader of online payments, with over 71.6 million account users in the world.

PayPal is able to be used by eBay buyers and sellers, online retailers and other businesses in 56 markets.

PayPal is fast, safe and convenient, the ideal solution for cross-border transactions.

Credit Card Payments Process

1.Sellers go to PayPal’s official website (, register a new account,

future payments received will be transfered into this account.

2. When customers pay by credit cards successfully, buyers and sellers will receive payments email notifications from PayPal.

3. Sellers could get the payments from the PayPal accounts, and transfer the money into your personal or company’s bank accounts. 

The Essential System – PayPal Gateway is an  ideal system modules,  can be integrated into your

existing website or within other  Essential Systems, allows you to see the payment status of your

account via one interface. For example,  “received subscription payment ID”, “transactions Amounts”,

“completion status”etc., can be integrated with existing customer membership system and automatically

complete the payment process. No need to enter into the Paypal account like the past, to check the completed

payments of each members one by one, this enables reduction of administrative time, and improves payment

accounts’ verification time, allows members to  automatically confirm payment in a very short period of time.

What are the benefits of using PayPal as the preferred transnational online payment method?

Buyers Advantages:

Safe:PayPal guarantees information’s security. You can pay online without revealing your bank accounts or cards to others.

Fast:Using PayPal allows you to do payments with people that have e-mail addresses immediately. 

Convenient: Registration of PayPal is fast, once you become an user, you can have transactions with sellers over 56 worldwide markets  (including the United States, Britain and other Asian and European markets).

Sellers Advantages:

Safe:Your financial information will not be disclosed to anyone. PayPal uses the most advanced commercial encryption technology to protect your data, these techniques are used by the leading global banks (such as CSFB, Citibank, HSBC).Fast:Regardless of where your buyers are, the payments will immediately import to your PayPal balance.Convenient:You can use our variety of tools to manage transactions and increase efficiencies.

Choosing the right type of accounts:

  • Use PayPal to send payments – You need to register a personal account, which allows you to send payments to anyone with email addresses. To start registration, select your located market in the pull-down menu.
  • Use PayPal to send payments and receive credit card payments, but I do not own a business – Register Premium account, then you can send payments to anyone with email addresses, and receive any types of payments,including credit card payments.In the personal account registration process you will get the opportunity to register Premium account. To start registration, select “personal account” button,and select your located market in the pull-down menu.
  • Use PayPal for my business to send and receive payments – business accounts will be your right choice. You will be able to receive the credit card payments on behalf of companies, and able to send payments to anyone with email addresses.To start registration, simply choose your enterprise’s market from the pull-down menu .

PayPal is a good choice for online payments for individuals and businesses. Pay through credit cards or bank accounts charges

low service fee. Able to add Paypal to your website, allowing buyers to pay immediately, reaching new customer groups,

which may includes millions of online active buyers