eDMS - Essential Direct Marketing System

Email advertising is an environmentally friendly promotion method and has absolute advantage on the cost efficiency. More and more products is now using email advertising to promote themselves. Online direct marketing will become one of the mainstream of promotions and sales. The system allows users to see client’s orders and product analysis, this helps the company to save time and money, making computerization the mainstream of the world.


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Email advertising can be classify into e-Newsletter and e-Marketing. To market effectively and successfully, a convenient online platform and a competent design company is essential.


A successful e-marketing must determine its selling point. The selling point is determined by your internal factors, which is believed to be the most effective in marketing the products. In a large shopping mall, there are many competitors trying to compete for the same customers, it is for the customers to decide which company they want to patronage. Therefore, a successful marketing campaign could enhance the company’s image, leading to increase in sales and profits. So an effective design and promotional analysis for the product promotion is a key for future success. 

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Promoting to the loyal customers is always easier than finding new ones, they are also lower in cost and more long lasting. Loyal customers enable mutually beneficial relationship too. Companies should use marketing tools to build customer loyalty, like e-newsletter is an effective and environmentally friendly marketing method. It regularly sends out the latest company news and product information to customers, in order to promote products intangibly and to build relationship with customers, to create customer loyalty. 


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Functions of the strong web-based system



Having an effective promotional tools to help analyze and build e-Marketing and e-Newsletter is essential. Our self-developed e-DMS red apple email marketing and distribution system has the following functions.



dot Red Apple Solutions Ÿ   Establishment of e-marketing campaigns can enhance company’s image, increase sales and improve profits.


dot Red Apple SolutionsŸ   Use of e-newsletter to promote new products and intangibly build relationships and enhance customer loyalty.


dot Red Apple Solutions Ÿ  Establishment of membership system, could send out activities information in time and maintain relationships with members.


dot Red Apple Solutions Ÿ  All operations is on the Internet browser, no additional IT equipment and staff for management is required.


dot Red Apple Solutions Ÿ  Web Mail Recipient reports can trace when customers or members linked into specific URL, in order to analyze the            

          effectiveness of the ads.


dot Red Apple Solutions Ÿ  Recipients can decide through the system whether to receive emails, to avoid spam mails, this process is automatically controlled by

              the system, no need to worry about the filtering or e-mail problems.


dot Red Apple Solutions Ÿ  Recipients can be classified into different groups, such member and customer group, age, gender, interests, industry or others,

          thereby increase target customers.


dot Red Apple Solutions Ÿ  Easy to use, no special computer skills required to operate.


dot Red Apple Solutions Ÿ  Quick search for customers’ and members’ information, analysis of customer response related to sales strategies is shown, could

           help reduce operating costs.


Red Apple eDMS is low cost but effective, is one of the tools of customer relationship management. Direct Marketing enables multimedia to transfer information to target customers, increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of the promotion. Can do promotions periodically, and increase the interactions with customers, in order to increase customer loyalty and sales.




Easy to Use Interface

Red Apple Direct Marketing Systems runs on the internetDeveloped by a professional development team, provides you with timely technical support. You can based on your business needs to privatization your eDMS important features, which is quick and easy to use. 



Customers Management  
Red Apple Direct Marketing Systems provides a well-organized customer management function, from receiving customers data to manage and classify 
customers email list, data analysis etc. is all able in eDMS.



Personalized Email Templates 
Red Apple Direct Marketing Systems runs on internet.
 Developed by a professional development team, provides you with timely technical supportYou can based on your business needs to privatization your eDMS important features, which is quick and easy to use. 



Avoid becoming Spam Emails
Red Apple Direct Marketing Systems provides “Testing Spam Mechanism”, you can use this mechanism to test your own email address and contents, to see whether it passes the spam test! To make sure your emails will not be blocked by ISP.



Effective Analysis 

Red Apple Direct Marketing Systems provides a detailed report of customers preferences, includes successful sent emails rate and individual customers’ email preferences. Our system have detailed records to help you analyze your products and services according to customers’ preferences, to make the best business decisions.




To suit Hong Kong’s message publication Ordinance
Red Apple Direct Marketing Systems enables add or remove emails addresses from lists, customers could “add or remove” email addresses according to customers’ needs.  Our system could automatically group customers who leaves into a group, for better understanding of why customers quit, and improves customers’ management.



To cooperate with Red Apple Solutions Shopping Cart System 
Red Apple Direct Marketing Systems is able to use with the Shopping Care System, increase convenience for membership functions and email templates, in order to enhance the use of e-commerce.