eCIS Essential Check-in System

Roll-calling is one of the most complicated tasks in the school every day. A school has hundreds to 1,000 students at every turn. It is one of the most troublesome tasks for teachers to roll-in and roll-out for classmates every day.

However, the Essential check-in and roll-in system can make roll-calling simple and easy. Its check-in and check-out functions allow teachers to manage students’ going to and from school, eliminating the need for the head teacher to manage students while manually roll-calling.

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ü  Quick check-in and sign-out

Students can directly tap the card to roll the call, without the teacher’s hand roll call, which is convenient for the teacher to manage the student’s school and school.

ü  Support Octopus card, student ID card, ID card, barcode and QR Code

Octopus cards, barcodes or QR Codes can be used to replace student IDs for tapping card identification without the need to spend extra money to create smart student IDs.

ü  Student Management

You can increase or decrease the number of students at any time.

You can input the student’s Chinese and English name and student number into the system to facilitate teacher management and identify students.

You can search for students in the system based on their number and name.

ü  Student placement management

You can set up different classes and classify students into different classes.

ü  Export roll call report

The roll call report can be exported by class to facilitate the query of attendance rate and number of absentees.

ü  Holiday setting

You can import holiday information to facilitate the management of roll call.

The school calendar can be imported into the system to facilitate school management.

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ü  Support barcode and QR code

Bar code and QR code can be used to replace student ID

ü  Card interval function

Avoid repeating card registration at the same time

ü  Calendar

Import school calendar, preset holiday information

ü  Class management

Students can be divided into classes in the system, and the system will automatically match the students’ sign-in, saving time for roll call

ü  Holiday setting

Import the school calendar into the system and let the system automatically make holiday arrangements.

ü  Report output

Output roll call report to facilitate management of attendance

eCIS The latest version of

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The system has the following key features:

1. Quickly tap the card to sign in

2. Support ID card, NFC smart phone, barcode and QR Code

3. Student/staff management

4. Student placement / department management

5. Export check-in roll call report

6. Holiday setting

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Real-time display of the check-in time of the sign-in

The check-in management ensures the real-time and accuracy of the check-in time of each employee, which helps to enhance the convenience of check-in using traditional methods, such as traditional check-in machines and check-in records.

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Use QR Code

The sign-in person does not need to bring a physical card, and only needs a smart phone to log in to the system to enter the check-in function.

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Take note of the check-in time of each employee for you

The system automatically records the attendance status of each employee, and sees the check-in status in real time (such as late/early leaving). Provide HR/supervisor to make faster and faster handling of personnel matters.

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