Altaro File Servers Bankup

Altaro File Server Backup Solution

Powerful Backup Software for Professionals & File Servers

Backup for Windows 2012, 2008, 2003, MS SBS, 8, 7, Vista & XP

Altaro Backup FS is the perfect & affordable premium backup solution for professionals and small & mid- sized businesses looking to protect their Windows Servers and PCs from data loss.

Save Space – Only back up sections of files that changed using ReverseDelta™ Technology
Using ReverseDelta™ incremental technology, Backup FS only backs up the actual changes you make to a file – without needing to back up the whole file again every time you make a change.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for Best Protection
Highly tuned file-change-detection technology makes sure that you are protected at all time.

Double-Protection with Backup Drive Redundancy
Automatically keep a double-backup to protect against theft, fire or loss of your backup drive.

Back up to NAS, Network Drive & USB
Choose the locations where you want to back up to; offices can choose to backup to their server or NAS drive.

Automatic Backup on Connect with Plug & Protect™ – for Laptop Users
Automatically initiates a backup once the backup drive is connected to the computer.

Restore different versions of your files with inbuilt BackInTime Technology
Restore from multiple points in time rather than ‘the most recent backup’