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Advanced D2D2D Architecture

Advanced D2D2D Architecture Ahsay™ Backup Software uses disk-to-disk-to-disk (D2D2D) design which proved to be the best backup system design for nowadays computer systems. See the following diagram for how AhsayOBS fits into the whole architecture of Ahsay™ Backup Software.


1. Core Management Software for Your Backup Service

AhsayOBS is the core server-side application for your managed backup service. It is used for centralized management of all AhsayOBM and AhsayACB users, such as managing individual users and their account configurations, as well as monitoring the entire backup system’s performance. Comprehensive logs and reports are available for troubleshooting. CRC data integrity checking, rebuilding of index, merging of incremental delta files, group policy management, reseller management, in-client advertising, and many other useful features for MSPs / VARs are also available to make your service outstanding.

2. Unlimited Trial Accounts for Potential Customers

AhsayOBS supports the auto-creation of unlimited backup trial accounts for MSPs / VARs to entice potential customers. You can integrate this feature into your website, so that a user can create free trial accounts within a few clicks. Backup quota, add-on modules and trial period can be customized according to your own decision. This feature can effectively increase your success rate, as most users tend to perform trial before engaging an onlilne backup service.

3. Simple User Management

AhsayOBS allows you to manage your backup users easily. New users can be created by your system administrator directly, or by the users themselves through AhsayOBM and AhsayACB. If you need to create a large number of user accounts quickly on AhsayOBS, we have a bulk account creation tool that can help you complete the task instantly. Configuration of usable backup modules, storage location, backup quota, available bandwidth, default language, etc. can easily be done anytime anywhere through the web console. Customized policies can also be assigned to different user groups for easy management. Detailed reports on users’ activities are clearly viewable from the email reports and categoried activity logs on the web console.

4. Multi-Level Reseller Management

AhsayOBS equips with the multi-level reseller management capability which allows you to create and manage multiple levels of resellers. Each reseller can have its own branding with all the backup data stored on the backup server of the online backup provider. With this capability, resellers don’t need to take care of the technical area so that they can focus on business development and help you generate more profits. Billing to each resellers will be done automatically every month through our free billing module.

5. High Availability and Scalability

To build a reputable online backup service, availability of your backup system is one of the key success factors. AhsayOBS supports high availability configuration which eliminates the single point of failure disaster from happening. Thus, you are well positioned to provide a highly reliable online backup service and earn good reputation in the long run. As your satisfied customer base grows, you can always scale up the whole backup system easily by using multiple AhsayOBS machines in conjunction with AhsayRDR.

6. Backup Data Integrity Ensured

AhsayOBS has built-in CRC data integrity checking to ensure all the backed up data are the identical as the source data. Corrupted files found during the checking process will be automatically backed up again on the next backup job. This ensures that all the backed up data are 100% restorable when needed.

7. On-Premises Backup Appliance

Planning to offer your own branded on-premises backup appliance like our Ahsay™ BackupBox for your customers who prefer to deploy a backup solution within their office premises? AhsayOBS with your own branding plus a suitable server hardware would make up a perfect branded on-premises appliance for those customers to back up their desktops, laptops and application and database servers.

8. Rebrandable and External Integration

AhsayOBS is totally rebrandable. All the graphics and wordings are customizable. You can make use of its APIs for integrating with external applications such as billing system or automated registration system seamlessly. With such capability, AhsayOBS can be fully integrated into a provider’s existing offering mix.

9. Backed up with AhsayRPS

Need to enhance the reliability of your backup system? The easiest way is to get your AhsayOBS continuously replicated to AhsayRPS. With this configuration, in case your AhsayOBS fails, you can easily convert the AhsayRPS into the failed AhsayOBS for keeping your backup service uninterrupted. Alternatively, you can also restore the replicated data from AhsayRPS for rebuilding a new AhsayOBS machine.

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