System Development

Our programmers can meet the needs of different industries, and various system programs are designed for you
System Development

Our programmers can meet the needs of different industries, and various system programs are designed for you, including business processes, product catalogs, quotation/invoice systems, customer management, website content management systems, student participation, online shopping systems, and rental systems , Inventory system, workflow system, library management system, school administrators, management system, trade system, POS sales system, email marketing system,…etc. In addition to considering the programming part, we will also consider the security of the system and provide you with comprehensive services.

Software development life cycle

We will set up different development processes according to the project requirements and size of the customer’s programming.

Web Application

You don’t need to install the client software on the user’s computer, the user can run the application developed by Red Apple in the browser (such as Internet Explorer).


  • The user’s computer does not need to install system software, reducing maintenance time.Any computer can use the system as long as it is through a browser and input a password.
  • If the system has a new version update, only update the system software of the Web Server. There is no need to continue to update the user’s computer, reducing the chance of error and maintenance time. There is also no need to teach the user how to install the client software.
  • Since the system is running on the Web Server computer, it can be used as long as the computer or server meets the basic hardware requirements of the Red Apple Essential system. Other users’ computers can use the system directly without additional costs. Reduce the hardware cost of system construction.
  • Since the database is directly placed on the computer or server of the Web Server, each user directly fetches data from this database. The data is synchronized or updated immediately. Avoid the data synchronization problems caused by traditional software in the past due to different networks or versions.
  • As long as different settings are added, all the systems developed by Red Apple Essential can be accessed directly on the Internet, such as different offices or homes.
  • As long as the important data in the database is directly backed up, the user’s computer will not record any other important data.




Some of our programmers have passed the qualification of Zend Certified Engineer

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