Getting to Know the GRP2600 Essential IP Phone Series

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Features, Capabilities, and Deployment Scenarios

The newest addition to our GRP2600 series, the essential IP phone line, brings affordable and powerful devices to the desktop of any business or home office. As part of the GRP series of Carrier-Grade IP Phones, this line is also equipped with zero-touch provisioning for mass deployment and easy management. Built for the basic needs of desktop workers and designed for easy deployment by enterprises, service providers, installers, and other high-volume markets, the essential IP series is an ideal choice for easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy VoIP endpoints. Within this blog post, we’ll provide a brief overview of the features, capabilities, and deployment scenarios of our new essential IP phones.

Advanced Features and Capabilities

When getting to know the GRP2600 Essential IP Phone series, the advanced features and capabilities are a good place to start. The GRP2600 series was designed to not only offer superior price-per-feature benefits, but also to make deploying and managing the devices easier for the installer or network administrator. Every device within the line also has an optional PoE model, and the GRP2602 has a Voice over Wi-Fi option. All devices within the series support faster boot times, 4 context-sensitive soft keys, dual firmware images, OPUS codec, GDMS integration, noise-shield technology, an electronic hook switch port, and enterprise level security. 

The four IP phones within the line also vary based on SIP accounts, network ports, and BLF/Speed dial keys.

GRP Comparison Table

GRP2601/P – The lowest end model of the series, the GRP2601 is a 2 SIP account, 2 line device designed to be a streamlined desktop endpoint for low to medium call volumes. This device is also a great choice for public areas such as breakrooms, lunchrooms, and conference rooms, where occasional telephony use is needed.

GRP2602/P/W – For higher to medium volume requirements, the GRP2602 offers 4 SIP accounts and 2 lines, along with a backlit screen, dedicated hold key, and 5-way conferencing. This desktop IP phone elevates a user’s ability to manage multiple incoming calls and stay productive throughout the workday. The GRP2602W is a Wi-Fi capable model.

GRP2603/P – Taking a larger step towards a medium-to-high call volume desktop, the GRP2603 pushes SIP accounts and lines to six and three. Additionally, it adds Gigabit networking ports for carrying a lightning-fast connection to a user’s desktop computer. This device is an ideal choice for users who spend most of their time at their desk, and require a device that can support frequent calls.

GRP2604/P – The final device within our essential IP phones, the GRP2604 adds 10 BLF/Speed-Dial keys that gives a user better communication inside and outside of a company. Users can create predefined destinations to quickly call, transfer, and monitor coworker extensions who they frequently collaborate with, along with having frequently-called numbers reachable with a press of the button.

Deployment Scenarios

The GRP2600 Series of Essential IP Phones have a variety of deployment scenarios due to its low cost and feature-rich design. Below are three highlighted solution deployments. 

GRP260X Deployment


Small and medium offices can utilize the new essential IP phone line as an affordable and effective communication option for users who don’t require high-end desktop communications, or as an affordable option to equip an entire office staff with effective endpoints based on their needs. The series’ noise shield technology also helps reduce background audio interference that may be present within a busy office deployment. Lastly, all devices support advanced telephony features like 5-way conferencing, hold, transfer, forward, call park, and more, which helps drive an employee’s productivity. 


Most deployments within a school or university network will require a wide range of phones with a superior price-for-feature ration so a solution can be both customizable and affordable. This is especially true for bid situations. The GRP2600 series of Essential IP Phones are designed to be a “bid winner” in this way. The line offers a wide range of devices that offer a perfect use-case for classrooms, administrative offices, and public areas. All devices within the line support a swappable faceplate for an extra touch of customizability. Lastly, integration with Grandstream Device Management System allows larger, district-wide deployments to be managed entirely from the cloud.


Townships and municipalities frequently need customized networks that are price friendly, and GRP essential IP phones offer just that. GRP2600 devices provide a solution that can be customized to fit the unique structure of the town or city. Cloud management, unified firmware across all devices, and Grandstream UCM IP PBX Zero-Config capabilities makes scaling and adjusting deployments streamlined and easy. Enterprise level security and encryption creates a safe network that helps keep sensitive information secure. Lastly, 5-way conferencing across most model enables quick and easy collaboration between various departments. 

Interested in learning more about the GRP2600 series of IP phones? Head over to the product page and begin exploring each model.GRP2600 Essential IP Phones Product page